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Goal #1 21st Century Skills:

School Goal 1: Students will continue to improve their pre-literacy skills to successfully access the Kindergarten Literacy program.

School Goal 2: Students will respond to pre-k numeracy and science curriculums developed by State of Connecticut.

Branford Public School students will demonstrate proficiency in the 21st Century skills needed to be successful in an information-based, technology driven, global society.



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Instructional Strategies

Resources &







80% of pre-k students transitioning to K the following school year will demonstrate benchmark level phonological awareness and concept of print skills as measured by the PALS and pre-k level formative assessments.

PALS "Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening" (rhyme, beginning sounds, concepts of print, upper case alphabet)

Formative Assessments

Developmental Reading Ability - 2nd Edition (DRA-2)

Sound Foundation Program

Assistive Technology Programs

Sharing of Techniques with Parents for Home Reinforcement

Literature incorporating Rhyming, Alliteration, Segmentation of Words in Sentences and Concepts of Print.

Lexia Program for reinforcement of Alphabet knowledge and sound relationships.

Attendance at Fountas & Pinnell Phonic Workshops with K teachers under leadership of Dr. Sandi Roth.

Time for Professional Learning Groups to exchange ideas and strategies for developing pre-literacy skills.

Clicker 5 and Lexia technology programs to reinforce phonological skills and Alphabet knowledge through use of stories and activities.


Formative Assessments

Student performance at the beginning of the year, October benchmark, on Kindergarten DRA-2 Word Analysis Assessment will be monitored by Pre-K Supervisor to determine efficacy of pre-k instruction.

80% of our students transitioning to K the following school year will perform at their benchmark level in their knowledge of Phonological Awareness skills and Concepts of Print to prepare for success in the K literacy curriculum.