Annual Field Trip
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Early October we took our annual trip to Rose's Orchard.  The fun really begins before we even get to the orchard.  The preschoolers find it funny that the teachers are joining them on the bus ride.  Prior to the trip the children have been listening to stories about the country, the farm, and farm animals. They have had some discussions during calendar time about the change of the seasons and many of the children are well aware of what holiday is right around the corner.  This is evident by all the talk about pumpkins and costumes we hear throughout the days.  Well Rose's Orchard didn't disappoint in that respect.  As soon as we arrived we climbed aboard a wagon, complete with hay bails, to be pulled along the trail by a large tractor.  Throughout the ride children pointed out the many seasonal items all around us.  We saw an enormous cornfield, rows and rows of apple and pear trees, halloween decorations and a pond with ducks.  Some children even noticed a horse in the distance (frequently called a cow because of it's black and white markings).  When we exited the hay ride we were able to take an up close look at the farm animals.  Goats, chickens, rams and sheep came to greet us by the fence. Some children were quite taken in by the waterwheel attached to the barn.  Several children took their turn sitting on a real tractor or trying to lasso a bull.  Luckily the bull was kid sized, so if you didn't want to lasso him you could sit on his back and pretend you were taken a ride.  We ended our trip in the pumpkin patch. Each child got to choose his/her own pumpkin to take back to school.  And of course we couldn't leave without a few passes through the hay maze. Some classrooms bought a few extra apples to use for future activities, such as taste surveys, apple prints, snack making (applesauce and apple muffins). It was an enjoyable field trip that the children spoke about for days.

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